About Us

The Pan Institution Network for Global Health (PINGH) was launched in 2014 in response to the need for multidisciplinary collaboration to address global health and other global challenges. Our vision is that of a more equitable world in global health through learning and sharing of ideas and resources. Our mission is to establish and foster a network that promotes institutional linkages to support innovations and solutions to improve the health of citizens around the globe by linking global health to other global challenges.

According to the United Nations, the right to health is a human right. Still, vast disparities remain globally and many families and communities lack access to basic health services. Achieving equitable health is central to global development and achieving the sustainable development goals. Given massive demographic and health shifts in recent years, we focus our work around two central themes within global health:

  1. The intersection of infectious and noncommunicable diseases and
  2. Urbanization and global health

We are a young network with leading faculty scholars from seven global universities. We aim to address global health concerns and our priority areas through various types of partnership and engagement.

  • Conduct innovative research
  • Train junior global health scholars
  • Develop base of collective knowledge
  • Build ongoing community engagement

Read more about our framework for collaboration and review of global health needs in our first network publication here.


PINGH partner institutions: